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In-Person Worship Service will begin

October 11th, 9:00am

Bible Study and Fellowship Time will not be held at this time.

Weekly sermons will continue to be available online.

Sermon Series

The Church and Politics

In this series we will explore the church’s relationship with politics. We will begin by distinguishing between Jesus’s kingdom and the kingdoms of this world. While we should not be politically disengaged, we should also avoid centering our lives on the pursuit of power and influence.

Jesus’s words help guide our political participation by kingdom ideals instead of party platforms, since God’s kingdom supersedes every political party. The Bible guides us in how to live out our faith in the public square, even with people we disagree with politically—including our government leaders and other brothers and sisters in Christ.

October 4

Text: Luke 17:20–33

Topic(s): Kingdom of God, Politics, Social Justice

Big Idea of the Message: Jesus brought the kingdom of God to earth, thus bringing a hope that transcends earthly kingdoms’ power.

Application Point: The kingdom that Jesus ushered in is carried on through his people. The believer has a responsibility to be proactive in furthering the kingdom of God on earth.

October 11

Text: Romans 13:1–7

Topic(s): Politics, Government, Civil Disobedience, Submission

Big Idea of the Message: God established governing authorities to constrain evil and sustain order.

Application Point: Believers have a responsibility to submit to authorities. When the civil government is in opposition to God’s ideals, the believer should maintain a strong witness by challenging such ideas in a spirit of love.

October 18

Text: 1 Timothy 2:1–4

Topic(s): Prayer, Politics, Government

Big Idea of the Message: Prayer—including petitions for government leaders—is an integral part of the Christian life.

Application Point: Believers are called to pray for their leaders.

October 25

Text: 2 Timothy 2:22–26

Topic(s): Conflict, Politics, Church Unity

Big Idea of the Message: Believers should not be prone to argumentativeness for its own sake but should show love even in disagreement.

Application Point: Believers should show maturity by not getting caught up in frivolous arguments. Instead, they can maintain a strong witness by showing grace, speaking truth in love, and engaging with discernment.

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